Would You Buy a Car Without Test Driving It?

August 16, 2012

A research report made news earlier this week, when it found that over 10% of people that recently purchase a vehicle did NOT take a test drive.

The Maritz Research study surveyed 80,219 buyers of 2012 model-year vehicles and discovered that 11.4 percent — more than one in 10 — didn’t take a test drive.

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For most people, the only thing that you will spend more money on than your car is a home. It seems odd to us that over 10% of recent car buyers are willing to make such a large purchase and rely solely on their Internet research and chose NOT to take a brief test drive.

Are you the type of person that would buy a car without test-driving it? Are you the type of person that would buy a ceiling fan without feeling how well it performs? Most of our customers purchase a ceiling fan to keep their home cool. How will you know if a ceiling is strong if you don’t feel it before you buy it?

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