Best Ceiling Fans: Top 5 List

June 13, 2012

Emerson Midway - Brushed Steel

Emerson Midway Eco

The Emerson Midway Eco has been THE most efficient ceiling fan in the world…until 2012, when Emerson revised 2 of their own fans: the Avant Eco and Carrera Grande Eco.

The contemporary styling, sleek light fixture and convenient remote control, bundled with with its exceptional CFM rating of 6,206 makes the Midway Eco our #1 fan choice.


Casablanca Stealth DC

Believe it or not, the Stealth is over 20 years old. Casablanca launched this design in 1991 and the Stealth has been a top seller ever since. The latest incarnation, the Stealth DC, is an energy-efficient version of the fan, that includes a new wireless remote control. Quieter and more powerful than the “standard” Stealth, the Stealth DC is an awesome fan to own.


Casablanca Utopian

In Hawaii’s harsh environment, with our high humidity and close proximity to the ocean (and corrosive salt water), the Utopian is the perfect fan. When it is fitted with ABS plastic blades, the Casablanca Utopian is a powerhouse that looks and functions well both indoors and outdoors. Its simple, contemporary styling is fabulous and the airflow that the Utopian produces has to be felt to be believed.


Concord Madison

Concord is not one of the biggest brands names in the world of ceiling fans, but what they lack in fame, they make up in value. Beneath its plain, traditional styling, lies a powerful motor and aggressive 16 degree blade pitch. As an energy star fan, the Concord Madison will blow your socks off without taking a large bite out of your checkbook.

Concord Fernleaf Breeze

Another Concord fan, what sets the Fernleaf Breeze apart from other tropical-style fans is its excellent airflow. Many tropical fans feature woven blades of bamboo or wicker, some offer fan blades made from real palm leaves. These natural materials are not able to move large volumes of air.

The Fernleaf Breeze features fern leaf shaped blades made of ABS plastic. Using plastic allows the Fernleaf Breeze to circulate MUCH more air than its authentic leaf-bladed cousins. Among tropical-style fans, the Fernleaf Breeze is one of the best air-movers out there.

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