A Ceiling Fan in the Bathroom

June 20, 2012

Your bathroom is one of the best rooms to install a ceiling fan.
Although bathrooms are small, you can usually fit a 30-inch ceiling fan in most bathrooms.

A ceiling fan will give you an additional spot for lighting.  This can help men while shaving and can help women while applying makeup.

Bathrooms can be a source of unpleasant odors, running your ceiling fan for a few minutes will dissipate odors quickly.

Do you get frustrated by foggy mirrors after you finish your shower?  A ceiling fan in your bathroom is the fastest way to cool off the room and de-fog the mirror.

After you get out of the shower, running your ceiling fan for just a few minutes will dissipate steam and remove humidity from the room.  Run the fan for a little longer and your towels will dry off faster.

Benefit Recap

  • add more lighting by installing a light fixture on the bottom of the fan
  • get rid of odors
  • de-fog your bathroom mirror quickly
  • get rid of steam and humidity quickly
  • help dry off towels
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